SWiFT 2023: Summer Computer Science STEM Camp [SWiFT Flyer]

SWiFT 2023, Summer Computer Science STEM Camp in Fort Collins, is an activity-based summer intensive STEM program hosted by Computer Science Department at Colorado State University. SWiFT 2023 will be held 9AM-3PM from June 5th to June 9th in Computer Sciende Department at Colorado State University. Students who will enroll in 8th or 9th grade in Fall 2023 can apply for this camp. This year, we are gender-neutral. No prior programming experiences are required.

Students will learn Python programming and apply the programming skills to the real-world earth data. The camp involves close, targeted mentoring and we are aiming for a student to instructor ratio of 4:1 or 5:1. All sessions are offered in an interactive computer lab located in the Computer Science Department at Colorado State University. The cost of the SWiFT 2023 is free and lunch will be provided.

In addition to the lectures on the Python programming, we host special lectures from the scientists, experts, and industrual leaders on various topics in computer science and earth sciences that leverage computing and programing.

Where is SWiFT being held?

The camp will be held in the Computer Science Building at CSU. You can find directions to the Computer Science Building from Google Maps [CLICK HERE]. For more information about your student's location, please see the schedule [CLICK HERE].

Important Dates

Application Submission Window: April 1 - April 20, 2023 [CLOSED]

Notification of Acceptance: April 27 2023 [CLOSED]

Late Application Deadline: May 15, 2023 [CANCELED: NO MORE SEATS ARE AVAILABLE.]

Camp Period: June 5 - June 9, 2023

Please note that there are limited number of seats available to make sure the student-instructor ratio. The late application will be open only if there are seats remained.


About the SWiFT Summer Camp Series

Since 2016, SWiFT has provided a week-long summer camp for students in Fort Collins, Colorado to introduce Computer Science and encourage student's education and career in the areas of Computer Science. The camp provides activity-based lerning and hands-on experience to demonstrate how mathematical concepts that students learn in school are applied to solve real-world problems. SWiFT summer camp program has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Jack Cochran Family professorship, the department of Computer Science and the College of Natural Science, Colorado State University.


What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. STEM fields are closely related and built on each other. For example, math provides the foundation for physics and engineerihg, engineers can apply their knowledge of physics to make cutting-enge devices that are useful for validating theories in physics.


How to apply?

Online Application Form: Click here [CLOSED]

If you have any question regarding the application, please contact Maya Wyllie (mayaw@psdschools.org) or Sangmi Pallickara (Sangmi.Pallickara@colostate.edu)


Schedule Click here

Team SWiFT23 Click here


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